Exploding Snacks

And So It Begins

Our trusty band of heroes, known as “Fronkin’s Explosions,” has headed off to Daggerdale to learn of Drow raids on farmsteads of the region. After a discussion with the local lord, and accusations of racism, they head off for a local supposedly haunted crypt with connections to the Underdark.

Haunting turned out to be an accurate rumor. A vampire and his spawn were “collecting” grave robbers as they tried to enter the vaults.

1 Modified Vampire Spellcaster and 2 Vampire Spawn: 15,100 xp, and 5,650 gp in loot.

Inside the hillside crypts, the party found a cluster of five dead drow, stripped of their gear, but still wearing enough to sport tabards emblazoned with silver spiderweb insignia.

Finally, after checking out an empty and still unused vault, the heroes broke through into an intact vault where a protective spell was triggered, summoning two Celestial Dire Lions.

2 Celestial Dire Lions: 5,800 xp. 9,630 gp in loot plus a Staff of Healing. (It looks like one of the corpses interred here may have been a minor druid.)

Then a short rest.



xp so far: 20,900 (or 5225 per player)

And So It Begins

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