Exploding Snacks

Gee Willikers! There's Drow here!

And they Talk!

The last we saw them, Frokin’s Flavorful Friends had just wandered through an illusory wall into into a spiderweb. A pitched battle quickly ensued.

We had four elite drow soldiers, who could do tremendous damage with their poisoned blades. Kriv and Billy, with their poison immunity stood toe to toe to them with remarkable tenacity. Moonspider, who you think would have been prepared for the poison of dark elves, was very nearly slaughtered.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, there was also a Drow Mage throwing lightning bolts down a narrow corridor (Billy had a much harder time with those), and a Drow Cleric floating in the air, wielding a wand of lightning bolts. The electricity flew.

The battle was tense and hard fought, but the Friends had mettle enough to last the fight.

Towards the end of the fight, Moonspider realized that the cleric had yet to cast any divine spells, and was relying almost exclusively on the wand of lightning bolts. And then, as she was about to go down, she shouted at Moonspider, “Your freakish cult shall never overcome the power of Lolth!”

Spent of resources and worn out, the heroes spent the night in the Drow camp. Seeing as this was an opportunity to swap out spells, Moonspider prepared Speak with Dead, giving everyone the opportunity for Morning Tea with Talking Corpses.

5 Questions were asked:

Q: “What is this cult?”
A: “Followers of the White Banshee”

Q: “Why are you camped here?”
A: “Hiding from the cult”

Q: “Why no spells?”
A: “The Silence of Lolth”



Loot: Wand of Lightning Bolts, coins and a silver service (totalling 2580 gp, including the stuff from the individual drow).
Also: Enough provisions to last a tenday or two, but nothing so portable you would want to carry it. Other than the two kegs Mushroom Ale, of course. (Kriv had to get out a notepad and add the new ale to his catalog of beverages. He calls this “Untappd” for some reason. He was quite giddy.)

Moving further into the caves, the group also found some kind of demon ghoul (which spent the first part of the battle invisible, after it had summoned 4 normal ghouls), but made short work of it.

Loot: TBA


Nuts. I forgot what you guys asked for the other two questions. Anybody remember? Give me hints, and I’ll clarify.

The Demon Ghoul’s loot consists of the equipment of five other grave robbers and drow that it had waylaid. So there’s a bunch of mundane gear and random treasure-ish things, totaling 5,000 gp.

Gee Willikers! There's Drow here!

4 drow elite warriors: 1,800 × 4 = 7,200
1 drow mage 2,900
1 drow priestess w/o spells 1,950
—> 12,050 xp (3,012.5 per player)

demon ghoul thing 3,900 xp

Thus XP so far: 26,400 + 12,050 + 3,900 = 42,350 (10,587.5 per player).

That’s halfway to 13th level.

Gee Willikers! There's Drow here!

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