Exploding Snacks

Descent into the Dordrien Crypts

Our trusty band of heroes, “Fronkin’s Flammable Friends,” continues into the Dordrien Crypts.

Grave robbers that they are, emptying every last crypt of all their valuables seems to be even more important than discovering the threat that’s been terrorizing the local farmsteads. One last wealthy-looking crypt still stood un-entered, protected as it was by some kind of disintegration beam. Whoever else has been in this crypt had for some reason tried quite hard to obliterate the warning on the door not to enter. Like they wanted adventurers dead, rather than scared off. The nerve!

Still, the trap was bypassed, and our group entered the crypt only to face a statue animated by the late ghost of the matron of this family. Quite old, apparently, for she spoke an ancient dialect of the language, unintelligible to all. And pissed too.

1 Ghost, 1,100 xp.

Still: treasure: a sweet gold pectoral, and other random gems that amount to 4,450 gp in total.

Heading deeper into the crypts, our heroes start to find the final resting places of the common folk. Riches don’t seem to be part of this picture, and for some reason, rifling through the final remains of the simple people didn’t seem nearly as exciting as the rich ones. Hmmm.

But it did appear that something or someone else has been rummaging through the bones, however. While skeletons still occupy the niches in the wall, everything looks like it’s been rifled through, and many of the bones appear to have been gnawed upon.

The next chamber holds a creepy statue representing the god Jergal, Guardian of Tombs. a gaunt, alien-looking creature with bulbous eyes, an insect’s mandibles, and an elongated oval head. Our heroes gave it a wide berth.

Further down the corridor, a stalagmite started talking to Moonspider in undercommon. Some kind of guardian or other, the party’s helpful drow managed to convince it that all was in proper order.

And then there was the illusory wall, behind which were a couple of Bebeliths (spider demons), quickly dispatched.

XP: 2,200 xp.

Behind which were a couple of other spider/ranger shapechanger dudes, one of which pretended to be a damsel in distress. Never believe damsels in distress. (These things are known as araneas (or werespiders).)

XP: 2,200 xp.
Treasure: Gold, Gems, and two +1 rapiers worth 2,662 gp. [Edited. Jay reminded me about the rapiers.]

Then one more illusory wall, that Billy walked through and straight into a web. Drow at last!

And we came to the end of the night.

Seems like a low XP night, which was clearly indicated by the ease of which battles were fought.


xp so far: 26,400 (6,600 per player)

Descent into the Dordrien Crypts

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