Exploding Snacks

Into the Chasm!

Moving further into the tombs, the heroes enter a chamber with 2 hollow undead spiders behaving very much like wraiths behave, along with 4 other drow.

2 Wraith Spiders: 1,800 xp each.
2 Drow Elite Warrors: 1,800 xp each.
2 Drow Minions: 50 xp each.
XP total: 7,300 (1,825 per player)

Running XP total per player: 12,412.5 (62% of the way to 13th level).

A wide ramp leading further underground exits the chamber (steep and a bit rough — hard to fight on), which ends in a seemingly incongruous granite wall and a hole leading downward.

That hole ends in the roof of a guardroom, where our team dropped down to battle with yet another cluster of drow. A mage, a few more elites, some minion types a nasty looking humanoid skinless thing, and another of those undead spiders.

1 Wraith Spider: 1,800 xp
2 Drow Elite Warriors: 1,800 xp each
1 Drow Mage: 2,900 xp
2 Drow Minions: 50 xp each.
1 Quth-Maren: 3,900 xp.
Total: 12,300 xp (3,075 per player)
Running Total per player: 15,487.5 (77% of the way to 13th level)

The edge of the guardroom looks out into a massive underground chasm, and one of the drow shouted over the edge to announce an attack before being killed by our heroes.

Thus, a few minutes after battle number one finished, battle number two starts in the same location.

1 Drow Mage: 2,900 xp
2 Drow Elite Warriors: 1,800 xp each
7 Drow Minions: 50 xp each
Total: 6,850 xp (1,712.5 per player)
Running Total per player: 17,200 (86% of the way to 13th level).

After that, our team headed into the chasm. It’s got some kind of web stretched against one side of the chasm, and it’s apparent that it’s used to move around the wall. Following a reasonably obvious path, the team soon found themselves in what seemed to pass for a Guard Barracks, where yet another team greeted them.

6 Drow Minions 50 xp each
2 Drow Elite Warriors: 1,800 each
1 Quth-Maren: 3,900 xp
Total: 7,800 xp (1,950 xp per player)
Running Total per player: 19,150 (98% of the way to 13th level).

Also, each one of the warriors had a key, to what you don’t know.

And I remember handwaving away another cluster of drow. Defeated by the heroes without playing the actual battle. I’ll add another 7800 xp for that, which means:


The barracks so far explored were empty except for the greeting party, so there were a bunch of other rooms without encounters.

One of the barracks rooms had a chest with a false bottom; within was a wand of web, a scroll of haste, and a scroll of suggestion.

One of the rooms was clearly for the use of officers; one of the desks had an unsent letter with the following:


Word has probably reached you about the fall of Maerimydra, and perhaps you have wondered about my safety. Obviously, I survived the sack of the city, although it was a close call indeed. The city fell at the hands of mere chattel—-the priestesses of the Spider Queen had kept the city so cowed that, with their power gone, its defenders could not resist even a force of goblins, ogres, and giants. We held our strong places for a time without the clerics, but then House Chumavh was overthrown from within, and so we were undone.

I write to you now from Szith Morcane, the old outpost north and west of the city. Perhaps you will come visit me—-though I must say that if you still profess faith in Lolth you will not be welcomed by those who rule here now. The Spider Queen’s priestesses have found a new role here, which I think you would not enjoy very much.

I do not know if you still cling to the hope that the Spider Queen will restore you—-will restore all of us—-to her favor, but if you do, I urge you to reconsider. It is not too late for you or for our bond of blood. The Lady of the Dead will accept you still, just as she has taken me into her care. All Maerimydra is her temple now, and her emissaries rule here too. Abandon your empty allegiance to a silent goddess and come to Szith Morcane, but do not wear the emblem of the spider. I have need of allies of my own blood, and if Lolth still ignores your pleas, I suspect you do as well.


Other treasure in the officers’ quarters was stuffed deep into one of the mattresses: a leather pouch containing 65pp, 50gp, and a mithral necklace worth 1300gp. (A total of 2000 gp worth of value.)

Another chamber was clearly housing the guard’s mages: that accounts for all the magical traps on everything.

Within are two spellbooks, both of which contain the same spells:
5: Cloudkill, Scrying, Teleportation Circle, Wall of Stone
4: Evard’s Black Tentacles, Greater Invisibility, Ice Storm, Confusion
3: Fly, Lightning Bolt, Hypnotic Pattern, Dispel Magic
2: Alter Self, Misty Step, Web, Arcane Lock
1: Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield, Witch Bolt




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