Exploding Snacks

Nothing for Sale Today

Nothing for Sale Today

Starting XP: 1,100 (since 13th level reached—5.5% of the way to 14th level)

After defeating the Drow defenders in the Guard Barracks last time, and checking out each of the rooms in the barracks, our heroes started off this session investigating the cells down a short stairway.

It seems that the current Drow don’t see much benefit for keeping prisoners alive, and all of the cells are empty. They are still sadistic, though, and trapped one of the doors with a summoning trap, just to keep those would-be heroes on their toes. At some point during the exporation of these cells, a magic circle flashed on the floor, and a summoned Noble Salamander appeared, ready to injure whatever miscreant interrupted his afternoon.

Moonspider was gracious, though, and quickly sent the salamander back to where he came from. (A successful banishment spell!)

That means: 1,800 xp, or 450 per player. Running total now 1,550 xp (7.75% of the way to 14th level).

The barracks completely explored, the heroes returned to the web in the chasm, and decended to what appeared to be the center of the web. A large cavern extended into the rock from that point: a natural cavern which seemed overlarge for the single clump of creatures doing business along one of the walls: a trio of Duergar merchants (along with plenty of goods loaded onto a pair of pack lizards), a trio of Kuo-Toa and a Mind Flayer doing a bit of shopping, and a set of Drow sentries, making sure peace was kept.

The cavern also had a ledge, opposite the merchants, about ten feet above the floor, with what appeared to be a number of abandoned warehouses. Clearly, this location saw considerably more commerce at some point in the past.

Somehow the heroes talked their way into the chamber, even going so far as to try to buy something. Disdain is what they got, though. Still, it avoided violence, and let them continue to a passageway further to the south. It was here that another watch post was found, with sentries watching a long corridor heading further eastward into the deeps.


Then the violence began. (Two Drow Elite Warriors and a Drow Mage). The Drow in the grand chamber joined the fray a few rounds later (2 more Drow Elite Warriors and another Drow Mage). And then when things didn’t quickly quiet down, the Mind Flayer decided to join in to stop the battle (by taking over Thog’s mind and having him do a bit of hero slaying). It might have gone better for the Drow if they’d all joined the battle at the same time, but they failed, and were killed. The Mind Flayer was almost killed, but plane shifted away prior to taking a fatal blow. (Sadly taking his loot with him.)

4 Drow Elite Warriors (1,800 xp each: 7,200 xp total)
2 Drow Mages (2,900 xp each: 5,800 xp total)
1 Mind Flayer (2,900 xp)

Total: 15,900 xp (or 3,975 per player)
Running Total: 5,525 (27.6% of the way to 14th level)

The Kuo-Toa and Duregar by this time had decided that “somewhere else” was a much better place to be, and headed out through that tunnel at the end of the chamber. Meanwhile, the heroes started checking out the abandoned warehouses.

All of them had large boards nailed across their doorframes, clearly an indication that they were not currently intended to be functional. Punching holes through the doors, the party found that all but one were infested by spiders (small to dog-sized). The one not infested was also, as it turned out, not actually boarded up. There was a board nailed to the doorframe certainly, but the door itself swung freely inward. Suspicous.

But it was time for rest, so the heroes picked one of the spider-filled warehouses, fireballed the heck out of the webs, and bedded down for a rest.

(Not described at the time, but the PCs would have noticed:)

After clearing out the spiders & the webbing that they’d spun onto every imaginable surface, a door to a back room appeared. When opened, a chamber was revealed, clearly once having served as a residence. In one corner stood a bed with a crumbling frame, and beside it a dresser with its empty drawers heaped on the floor. Against the opposite wall stood a writing table and a chair. Any creature comforts were long gone. Spiderwebs covered the ceiling and hung idly from the walls and furniture.




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